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who serve our community!

On July 17, 2023, The Human Services Alliance of Greater Prince William celebrates 4 years of collaboration and partnership in Greater Prince William! We invite you to join us in our inaugural week-long anniversary celebration.

Know more about how we serve our community by watching this video>>>


Since 2019, The Alliance has been the catalyst for greater collaboration and partnership among our network of human service organizations, the faith-based community, and other community organizations in Greater Prince William. Through our network, we support basic community needs of benefits administration, mental & behavioral health, emergency shelter, rental assistance, food distribution services, and many others. Through community engagement, we build strategic alliances. Through outreach, we connect our underserved community members with the organizations who can help them.


We ask individuals, our members, and our partners to support us so we can expand our programing as we live our mission. We pledge to continue to build strong connections which creates stronger communities.


Thank you for participating in our inaugural Anniversary Campaign Celebrating the year we opened: 2019!

  • Anniversary Donor: $20.19

  • Generous Supporter: $201.90

  • Above and Beyond Sponsor: $2019.00

Strong Connections, Stronger Communities!

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