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Human Services Alliance of Greater Prince William to disburse ARPA funds for rental assistance

Prince William County government will partner with the Human Services Alliance of Greater Prince William to allocate $2.7 million of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for area housing rental assistance. 

In January 2022, the Human Services Alliance of Greater Prince William, a nonprofit association of human services providers that aid residents, partnered with the county to administer $10 million in ARPA funds by 2024. This past year, funding was provided for COVID-19 recovery efforts, including navigation for rent, mortgage, and public benefits assistance; utility assistance; childcare costs; and administration for hunger relief programs, among others.

The county and community partners have identified a need to shift the focus of the remaining ARPA funds to support those individuals who need housing rental assistance. Of the original amount, $2.7 million will be allocated through the Alliance to area nonprofits to provide rental assistance to those in need in Prince William County.

“More than $7 million in ARPA funds were previously allocated in 2022 to give county residents greater access to mental and behavioral health assistance, employment support and emergency shelter in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” remarks Chair At-Large Ann Wheeler. “Based on current community need, it has been determined that providing rental assistance in the county remains a priority, and these funds of $2.7 million will help fill the gap and best support those in need.”

This funding will be distributed through previously qualified ARPA partners, EduFuturo, New Creatures in Christ and St. Thomas United Methodist Church.

“Our first round of ARPA funds focused on a broad range of COVID-19 relief efforts. Based on the need that has been identified for rent assistance, round two, as originally intended, has been canceled,” explains Peggy Kimmey, Interim Executive Director of The Alliance.  

Applications must be submitted by individuals seeking housing rental assistance. Applications submitted by businesses will not be considered. To learn more about the rental assistance program and for contact information to reach the ARPA partners, go to

You may qualify if...

  1. Your rental unit is in the following zip codes:
    20109, 20110, 20111, 20137, 20143, 22026, 22172,
    22191, 22192, 22193                                                                                        (PW County funds cannot provide rent assistance to residents of the cities of Manassas or Manassas Park).

  2. The person whose name is on the lease and is applying for help is age 55 or older

  3. You can provide proof that your rent challenges are due to COVID
    You can provide proof that you meet the low to moderate income levels:

Income level.png

Need Rent Assistance?

All our ARPA partner organizations have fully expended their funds at this time. Please try other resources from our GET HELP page.

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