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Does your house of worship have a food pantry? Please join!

Does your apartment complex have a youth program? Come on in!

Are you in schools working closely with families in need? We've got resources!

Does your family like to organize coat drives when the temperatures drop? We need you!

Are you the corporate responsibility officer at your corporation? Become a member today!

Have you recently moved to the area and you're looking for a way to meet other human services professionals? You're welcome here!

Do you work at a nonprofit or human services agency that serves the residents of Prince William area? We've got a seat for you at the table!

Both organizations and individuals are encouraged to join The Alliance! 

  • Membership is open to faith-based organizations, public and private agencies, private sector businesses, associations, community coalitions, families and individuals who are committed to the advocacy for services that contribute to the health and welfare of the community.

What does membership offer?

  • Technical assistance

  • Networking opportunities

  • Continuing education and training

  • Discounts for select Alliance services and events

  • Coordinated advocacy

  • Exclusive member events and resource sharing

  • A directory of community resources

  • A referral network

  • A public calendar of community events

  • A platform for service providers to communicate directly with one another

  • Access to recordings and resources from past learning sessions

  • Opportunity to speak and display marketing materials at events (in-person and virtual whenever scheduling allows)

  • Opportunity to participate in board elections

Dues For Organizations:

  • Organization - $100 for one year 

  • This membership category is for public, private, nonprofit, faith-based, corporate, government and community-based organizations.

Dues For Individuals and Families:

  • Individual/Family - $50 for one year 

  • This membership category is for private citizens and families who are not representing a faith-based, public or private human service organization.

Membership lasts for 12 months after dues are paid.

Members are encouraged to pay dues for five years at a time to lock in current costs.

To join The Alliance, please click the appropriate button below or download the appropriate PDF to complete your membership registration form.

If you need to make an online payment for your dues separate from a membership form you've already completed (for instance, if you're now paying after receiving an invoice or if you're renewing your membership and have no changes to report), please click the appropriate button below.

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